Customer Financing

As an LED sign is a permanent asset that yields a positive return-on-investment, it makes financial sense to most businesses. By helping your customer acquire financing, you remove the final barrier to securing the purchase.

Studies have shown that digital signs have a substantial positive effect on a business' bottom line. However, the out-of-pocket expense of one or two large payments may be too much for a small business to absorb. Providing a financing option to your customers is a great way to have the business enjoy the financial benefits of a new sign immediately, while working the cost into their monthly operating expenses.

The Benefits of Financing

  • Low Initial Out-of-Pocket Expense - The financing option removes this barrier to sign purchase. Sign owners can start experiencing the immediate effects of higher visibility and community outreach, without a significant impact to their cash flow.
  • Flexible Terms - The lender will work directly with your customer to find the right monthly payment and terms for the amount being financed.
  • Tax Deductible - As an operating expense, the payment might be considered a deduction for tax purposes. Have the business consult their tax professional for information regarding their unique circumstances.
  • No Risk to You - The lending agreement is directly between the sign purchaser and the lending institution. The purchasing amount is paid to you up-front, while the monthly payments are made to the lender.

How to Offer Financing

  1. Establish the value of an LED Sign - Our Why Invest in an LED Sign page gives a compelling overview to the benefits of sign ownership. By educating your customer on why this method is superior to other forms of advertising, as well as how it can directly impact sales, you establish the trust necessary to move forward to the quoting process.
  2. Choose and quote a sign based on customer need - The How to Choose a Size section of the LED Education Center gives you guidance on the pixel pitch and overall size of sign to recommend to your customer, depending on their site location, traffic conditions and budget.
  3. Determine the return-on-investment - With the final price in hand, an ROI can be projected using some basic business information. Use our Return-on-Investment Calculator to provide an estimate on how much additional revenue a business can expect, even after deducting the monthly financing of the sign.
  4. Connect your customer with our recommended lender - We make it easy for your customer to receive financing for their new sign. In only a few minutes, they can apply for their loan online by answering some basic questions about the business. Responses are usually received within a few business days. See our preferred lender information below to get started.

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