With the unprecedented events surrounding the COVID-19 health crisis, our hearts and thoughts go out to all who have been affected. As with most locations, our community has also been impacted. As Americans and citizens of an increasingly connected world, it is important for all of us to do our part in helping others during this difficult time. Below are some ideas on using your sign to promote community spirit and healthy practices.

For SignCommand users, the animations shown are available in the graphics library.
For other sign owners, we have made these animations available free to download (MP4 format).

Promote Healthy Practices

Following the recommendations of health officials is very important. We suggest regularly reviewing CDC guidelines as they are updated and sharing this information with the public.

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Announce Important Updates

Make public if your organization is currently open or closed to visitors, and provide information on any reopening dates or modified hours. Alert passers-by to new information.

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Share Your Services

Notify everyone of any critical services that are still occurring in your facility. Offer alternatives to in-person gatherings such as live-streaming or other internet-based content.

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Encourage Blood Donations

In some locations the blood supply has reached critically low levels. Host a blood drive or direct potential donors to the nearest blood donation location in your town.

Library keyword: blood

Support Local Businesses

Our hometown business establishments and their employees will need our help during this time. Offer free advertising to these businesses to help support the local economy and workers.

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Deliver an Upbeat Message

The most important message that you can give is that we will get through this time together. Share your messages of thanks, hope and positivity with everyone who drives by.

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In addition to the graphics and backgrounds shown, any kind of emergency communication can also be sent from a mobile device using Quick Message. Do you have a suggestion for new graphics in our library? Send them to us through the Suggestion Box.

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