All of our electric products and their individual components are Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Listed. Founded in 1894, UL is the standard in America for safety and quality assurance. Our products undergo thorough and rigorous testing in these independent facilities. This commitment to quality allows us to provide some of the best warranties in the business, but what benefits will you see in a UL Listed sign?

Safety First

Each product and component undergoes a variety of safety tests with specific protocols. These include stress tests where up to ten times the standard voltage is applied to trigger failsafe components and check for electrical leakage. Spark and combustibility testing is conducted should flammable material such as bird or insect nests ever make it into the sign cabinet.

Devices such as fans, motherboards and power supplies are intentionally short circuited or disabled to check for effects on internal temperature and proper operation. The main focus of these tests are stability and predictability, that if circumstances cause a component to fail, it does so without causing harm. Don't put a price on safety; insist that your sign and its components adhere to the standards of UL.

Stress tests on individual components being conducted Stress tests on individual components being conducted Spark and combustibility testing Spark and combustibility testing

Commitment to Quality

Multiple UL engineers validate, test and certify our products down to the component level, meaning that all materials and devices must be independently UL Listed themselves. Whether it is the complex Integrated PC that controls our LED signs or the rubber gasket around the edge of our sign cabinets, each part must pass a technical review by the most scrutinizing engineers in the industry.

During a testing process that lasts several days, each new product is subjected to a battery of environmental conditions. Internal temperature is closely monitored and materials tested to see that they don't degrade in extreme environments. A UL listing ensures that your new sign is built with quality in mind.

Inspecting and certifying individual components Inspecting and certifying individual components Testing of the internal temperature over time Testing of the internal temperature over time

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