1-Year Limited Product Warranty for Economy LED Signs

Because our displays are built to exacting standards with quality components, Stewart Signs Wholesale can offer one of the most competitive and complete warranties in the business. Our full warranty information is available below.

Redmont Sign LLC dba Stewart Signs (the "Company") warrants to the Original Purchaser, subsequently referred to as the "Customer" its Economy LED Displays for a period of one (1) year.

Failed electronic parts or assemblies will be repaired, exchanged or replaced for one (1) year from date of shipment. Telephone support is provided as needed with the Customer's staff technician. On-site labor is not included unless otherwise stated within Special Instructions on the face of this Agreement and, unless otherwise stated, any on-site service required by the Company's factory technician or a local Authorized Service Provider is billed based on an agreed upon written quote.

The Company will replace failed LED pixels, (on-site labor not included), if greater than 0.5% of the total number of pixels in the sign have failed in a year, provided the sign is installed with the recommended ventilation system for its location. The definition of pixel failure is when the pixel will no longer emit light. Pixel repair will be performed at the Company's Repair Center. As known within the Sign Industry all LEDs degrade and produce less light as they age. Eventually the LEDs will require replacement even though the LEDs will still emit light. This Warranty does not cover normal LED degradation.

The Company will repair or replace failed radio components for a period of one (1) year. The Company defines radio component failure as a radio component that does not transmit or receive data properly. Local site interference or obstructions may cause intermittent or complete failure of radio performance. This Warranty does not include the provision of replacement communication methods (such as wire, fiber optic cable, conduit, trenching or other solutions. The Customer is responsible for routine maintenance, and preventative maintenance functions.

Failure by the Customer to properly maintain the LED display will void coverage for affected components. The Customer shall notify the Company immediately of equipment failure and allow the Company full and free access to the equipment when required. Waiver of liability or other restriction shall not be imposed as a site access requirement. Also, the Customer will allow the Company to use necessary machines, communication facilities and other equipment at no charge.

Throughout the term of this Warranty, Customer shall maintain site conditions within common environmental ranges of all system devices as specified by the Company.

The Warranty does not cover electrical work external to the equipment, accessories, alterations, attachments, or other devices not furnished by the Company unless specifically noted on the face of this Agreement. Batteries and metallic or fiber optic data cables are not covered unless specified on the face of this Agreement.

The Company will provide and be responsible for the cost of shipping parts from the Company to the Customer. The Customer will provide and be responsible for the cost of shipping parts to the Company.

This Warranty does not apply to software. Software is covered by a separate Agreement, which appears in the seller's software license agreement, unless specified on the face of this Agreement.

All items returned to the Company must have a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number. For exchange items, the number is included with the shipment of the exchange unit.

The Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear; inadequate or improper power; improper care or abuse of equipment; unauthorized attempt to repair or modify the equipment; failures caused by environmental conditions beyond the Company's control such as corrosives and metallic pollutants; acts of God, nature, terrorism or war.

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